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Could SDN network virtualization change everything?

15 May 2015

Jim Metzler explains the need for network virtualization, explores SDN in the WAN and discusses bringing SDN into the data center. Read More

How can a virtualized network help with app testing?

14 Sep 2015

Software testing on a virtualized network makes it easy to reproduce real problems. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to get the most out of the process. Read More

5 steps to troubleshoot a virtual machine problem in Azure

11 Feb 2019

If you're wrestling with a virtual machine problem, like a faulty connection issue, be sure to check the domain name system and network traffic routing. Read More

How NFV architecture works

30 Jan 2019

NFV enables organizations to virtualize operations and replace network equipment such as routers and switches. It's built on three components: VNFs, NFVI and the MANO framework. Read More

Virtual wires on the radar for future network infrastructure

01 Mar 2016

Due to changes in network infrastructure, running traffic over virtual wires could emerge from a combination of technologies, including SDN, NFV, virtualization and cloud. Read More

How to configure a vTAP for cloud networks

21 Nov 2018

A vTAP can give enterprises better visibility into their cloud networks. Expert Frank Siemons of InfoSec Institute explains how virtual network TAPs work and the available options. Read More

What effect does NetOps have on enterprise networking teams?

01 Oct 2018

Similar to the DevOps framework, a NetOps approach provides networking teams with a way to use automation and virtualization to create more agile networks and deploy applications faster. Read More

Physical network infrastructure to decrease in SDN virtual evolution

25 May 2016

Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi APs and routers may be the only physical network infrastructure you need in a virtual-, SDN- and cloud-based future, according to networking expert Craig Mathias. Read More

Software-defined branch networks: Why and how to do them

29 Jan 2018

Software networking virtualization has reached branch networks. Learn the whys and hows of creating the software-defined branch using the latest software networking technologies. Read More

What roles do vCPE and uCPE have at the network edge?

02 Jan 2019

As service providers look to virtualize the edge and deliver network services faster, they're turning to vCPE and uCPE that run services as software on generic hardware. Read More