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Next Generation Object Storage with the Accessibility of Network Attached Storage

sponsored by StorageCraft Technology Corporation Published: 31 Aug 2017 White Paper

Access now to learn how a cloud-object system integrated with NAS protocols can grant you the flexibility and scalability today's data volumes demand.

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Focus: Object storage

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 06 Jun 2017 eGuide

Object storage does away with the tree-like hierarchies of file systems used by traditional storage NAS and SAN systems.

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Object Storage as a Backup Target

sponsored by SanDisk Corporation Published: 05 May 2017 Research Content

Read this research report to learn how object storage-based backup systems are overcoming RAID limitations and fulfilling affordability. Inside learn about one system that can make cloud support integration simple,...

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Object Storage 101

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 07 Feb 2017 Essential Guide

Standard file and block storage have their places, but there is an increasing move to object storage to meet the governance, risk and compliance needs of organisations, while also providing enhanced information ...

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Critical Capabilities for Object Storage

sponsored by IBM Published: 25 Jan 2018 Analyst Report

Gartner compares 13 object storage products in use cases relevant to I&O leaders in this report. Saving your copy grants you access to Gartner's analysis, which includes an evaluation of each product's metadata...

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Object Storage from A to Z

sponsored by SanDisk Corporation Published: 31 Aug 2017 White Paper

Inside, review every important term in object storage from A to Z, like bit rot, geo spreading, web-scale, and more.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Compliance Assessment

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2017 Analyst Report

In this report, Cohasset Associates assesses IBM Cloud Object Storage's ability to meet the electronic records recording, storage, and retention requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial ...

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Cloud Object Storage in Your Private Data Center

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2017 Analyst Report

This report outlines the benefits of deploying cloud object storage in on-premises private clouds. Read on to discover a chart with deployment options so you can choose the hybrid strategy that works with your ...

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Boost Your Efficiency and Resiliency with Object Storage

sponsored by HGST Published: 31 May 2016 White Paper

In our age of explosive data growth and the need for rapid reaction times, are your SAN and NAS appliances good enough? In this research report, tackle these modern storage management challenges, and learn why ...

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Using Cloud Object Storage to Fuel Digital Transformation

sponsored by IBM Published: 22 Mar 2017 Resource

Access this infographic to learn 5 signs your storage solution may need updating, 3 ways hybrid cloud object storage can help, and more.

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