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How network standards and open source organizations differ

By Lee Doyle 11 Sep 2019

Both open source and network standards organizations want to develop the next-generation network. Yet their methods differ, and they can benefit different types of organizations. Read More

IT favors open source networking over Cisco ACI, VMware NSX

By Antone Gonsalves 19 Aug 2019

Companies are turning to open source network automation tools as less expensive, good-enough alternatives to Cisco ACI and VMware NSX. Read More

The benefits of open source networking for enterprise IT

By Lee Doyle 14 May 2019

The benefits of open source are proved among large providers. But enterprises are less inclined to use open source networking, due to its limited functionality and support. Read More

Drawbacks of open source networking could impede full growth

By Andrew Froehlich 26 Apr 2019

IT teams have increasingly accepted the use of open source within their organizations. But open source networking continues to lag behind -- and it may not catch up. Read More

Big Switch builds open source network operating system

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Mar 2019

Big Switch Networks describes itself as the cloud-first networking company. The firm focuses on what public cloud-style networking matched with hybrid cloud consistency. News this month sees the ... Read More

What are the pros and cons of open source network monitoring tools?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 31 Jan 2019

They're usually free and customizable, but can lack customer support. Take a look at the best and worst features of open source network monitoring tools. Read More

How open source is shaping the home network

By Alec Rooney 23 Jan 2019

The home router may be the key tool to help consumers adopt and optimize connected devices. Minim's Alec Rooney explains why an open source approach is critical, and how consumers and manufacturers ... Read More

Google AI division open sources GPipe neural network library

By Mark Labbe 06 Mar 2019

Google AI, the AI research and development team at Google, made GPipe a framework for building large-scale and accurate deep neural networks open source. Read More

What to expect from Scylla Summit 2019

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Oct 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network and Open Source Insider team are big fans of Greek classics, San Francisco clam chowder shared-nothing architectures and open source-centric real-time big data ... Read More

Microsoft open sources Azure network replication project

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Aug 2018

What’s being ‘pushed to’ open source this last weekend or so? Answer: quite a lot. There’s a whole smörgåsbord of openness out there… but one project emanating from Redmond stands out for sure. ... Read More