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DefinitionOracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is a set of applications for managing business operations, including customer ...Read More

Hyper-converged backup takes center stage at SimpliVity show

By Sonia Lelii 30 Mar 2016

Customers praise the data protection capabilities of SimpliVity's OmniCube and OmniStack hyper-converged systems that allow them to ditch third-party backup tools. Read More

Understand Oracle versioning: 8i through 11i.10

By Carol Francum 01 Mar 2004

From Database 8i through E-Business Suite 11i, what do all the version numbers mean? This tip offers a complete overview of Oracle versioning, with emphasis on E-Business Suite. Read More

AI in IT infrastructure transforms how work gets done

By George Lawton 17 Jun 2019

Cutting through the hype around AI has become a major job for IT leaders. Our in-depth guide on where and how to add AI to your IT infrastructure will help. Read More

Oracle unveils apps and hardware bundle for European midmarket

05 Dec 2002

Oracle yesterday unveiled its E-Business Suite Special Edition, a package of enterprise applications targeting mid-sized European... Read More

CRM system comparison: How the 'big four' CRM providers stack up

By Geneva Stephens 11 Oct 2017

What differentiates the 'big four' CRM providers? Explore the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP with this CRM comparison. Read More

Standard Life blazes savings trail with Oracle Fusion

By Lindsay Clark 29 May 2014

Standard Life has generated £8m in cash savings on a £12m investment in Oracle Fusion applications but wider market take-up has been slow, says Forrester Read More

Online patching support highlights upcoming Oracle EBS 12.2 release

23 Apr 2013

Oracle EBS 12.2 is expected out this year, and support for online patching will be one of its key features. Read More

Problems transferring Oracle data after upgrade to XP

16 Nov 2005

I am using Oracle E-Business Suite version 11i. Ever since my computer was recently upgraded to Windows XP, I have not been able to transfer any data between Oracle screens using copy and paste, and Oracle screens ... Read More

Oracle sets date for application suite release

29 Oct 2004

Oracle will ship the next version of its E-Business Suite of enterprise applications on 8 November. Read More

Comparison of the top CRM platforms and marketing automation tools

By Scott Robinson 29 Jun 2017

There are many CRM products to choose from, each offering a broad range of functionality. Here, we've simplified the buying process by comparing the leading CRM products. Read More