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Data Security Council of India (DSCI)

The Data Security Council of India (DSCI) is a not-for-profit organization created to promote the country as a secure destination for information technology (IT) outsourcing. DSCI was founded by NASSCOM, an Indian ... Read Full Definition

hardware RAID (hardware redundant array of independent disk)

Hardware RAID is a form of RAID where processing is done externally. Read Full Definition

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dynamic application security testing (DAST)

A dynamic application security test (DAST) is a program used by developers to analyze a web application (web app), while in runtime, and identify any security vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Read Full Definition

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BS 10012:2009 (British Standard 10012:2009)

British Standard 10012:2009 (BS 10012:2009) is a standard enacted by the U.K. government in order to further the privacy of sensitive personal information held by British corporations. Read Full Definition

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Supermicro is a company that specializes in x86-64 server technology. The company targets consumer and enterprise markets and maintains a focus on power efficiency and green technology. Read Full Definition

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a managed Data Warehouse-as-a Service (DWaaS) offering provided by Microsoft Azure. Read Full Definition

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The P/390 is basically an IBM mainframe system adapted to run on a personal computer. Read Full Definition

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Intel Quark

Intel Quark is an embedded system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor design intended for smaller mobile devices like wearable computers. As with their counterparts in elementary particles, Quark is smaller than  Atom. The ... Read Full Definition

Direct Memory Access (DMA)

Direct Memory Access (DMA) is a capability provided by some computer bus architectures that allows data to be sent directly from an attached device (such as a disk drive) to the memory on the computer's motherboard. Read Full Definition

converged network adapter (CNA)

A converged network adapter (CNA) is a single network interface card (NIC) that contains both a Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapter (HBA) and a TCP/IP Ethernet NIC. Read Full Definition