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disk array

A disk array, also called a storage array, is a data storage system used for block-based storage, file-based storage or object storage. Read Full Definition

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log management

Log management is the collective processes and policies used to administer and facilitate the generation, transmission, analysis, storage, archiving and ultimate disposal of the large volumes of log data created ... Read Full Definition


In information technology, a state or acts of adherence to a certain specification, standard, or guideline. Read Full Definition

email governance

Email governance is a way for organizations to manage and monitor email in a corporate setting. Read Full Definition

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information governance

Information governance is a holistic approach to managing corporate information by implementing processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset. Read Full Definition

Code of Connection (CoCo)

In the U.K., the Code of Connection (CoCo) is a mandatory set of requirements that must be demonstrated before local authorities in England and Wales can connect to the Government Secure Intranet (GSI). Read Full Definition

Government Information Security Reform Act

The Government Information Security Reform Act (formerly known as the Thompson-Liebermann Act) is a federal law that required U.S. government agencies to implement an information security program that includes ... Read Full Definition

chief trust officer

A chief trust officer in the IT industry is an executive job title given to the person responsible for building confidence around the use of customer information and how it is protected. Read Full Definition

records retention schedule

A records retention schedule is a policy that depicts how long data items must be kept, as well as the disposal guidelines for these data items. Read Full Definition

internal control

An internal control is a business practice, policy or procedure that is established within an organization to create value or minimize risk. Read Full Definition