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Royal Holloway 2012: PCI compliance, cloud computing are a costly pair

25 Jun 2012

It is possible to achieve PCI DSS compliance in a cloud environment, but it may not be cost-effective, as explained in this Royal Holloway article. Read More

PCI compliance tips and common mistakes

01 Feb 2010

Achieving PCI compliance can be a daunting task. In this tip, we'll look at some tips on how to achieve PCI compliance in a timely fashion. Read More

Enterprise mobile compliance is critical but often neglected

27 Aug 2019

Most organizations have compliance policies for PCs and laptops, but oftentimes they neglect or don't pay enough attention to compliance on mobile devices. Read More

PCI-compliant POS: Retail chain nears PCI compliance in the UK

14 Jun 2010

While many UK companies are still struggling to become PCI compliant, one retail store has found success with tokenisation and PCI-compliant POS terminals. Read More

A PCI compliance network testing checklist to limit PCI DSS scope

02 Sep 2010

Network security pros may not realize it, but they may inadvertently be on the hook regarding PCI DSS compliance if card data is inadvertently spread across the network. Ed Moyle discusses how this happens and how ... Read More

Varied PCI QSA assessment quality causes PCI compliance issues

02 Jun 2010

At a recent PCI DSS user group meeting, members said inconsistent assessments from poorly trained QSAs are resulting in numerous PCI compliance challenges. Read More

PCI-DSS compliance best practices

16 Jul 2010

A few best practices for organizations seeking PCI-DSS compliance certification. Read More

Payment card industry issues data security standard update

28 Apr 2016

PCI DSS version 3.2 introduces six new requirements for compliance, some additional guidance and a raft of clarifications Read More

TheCloud starts fresh chapter as Atmoso

22 Nov 2017

Rebranding comes at a time when the product portfolio has expanded Read More

Comprehensive information security programs vital for PCI compliance

01 May 2011

This month’s Information Security cover story explores the practical ways you can avoid mishaps by building on the technical specifications of compliance requirements like PCI DSS. Learn to focus your efforts on ... Read More