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MasterCard reverses PCI compliance requirement

21 Dec 2009

Level 2 merchants do not need to obtain a QSA onsite assessment. MasterCard has apparently reversed its decision earlier this year that required Level 2 merchants to hire a PCI-approved auditor ... Read More

PCI DSS compliance in the cloud: On the horizon?

12 Nov 2010

A reference architecture for PCI DSS compliance in the cloud has emerged, but is it a concrete example or a far-fetched ideal? Read More

PCI Compliance: Not easy, but not optional

15 Jan 2009

While working on a story about how updates to PCI compliance rules will phase out WEP for retailers who process credit cards, I came across one of the more interesting takes on PCI compliance, by ... Read More

Analytics and GDPR compliance: How to achieve it

22 Jul 2019

Mathieu Gorge, CEO of Vigitrust, looks at technologies such as pseudonymisation that can help organisations stay GDPR-compliant while gaining value from analytics on customer data Read More

Meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements with a data management program

05 Feb 2013

In order to meet PCI DSS requirements and compliance, it is important to organize and sort the data coming in by devising a data management plan. Read More

PCI compliance services FAQ

03 Nov 2008

The PCI compliance standard must be met by every company who accepts credit cards as a form of payment. But what exactly does it mean to be PCI-compliant? Andrew Plato, president and principal consultant of Anitian... Read More

PCI in the cloud: Segmentation, security compliance is possible, experts say

20 Jan 2012

Merchants are ultimately responsible for locking down credit card data and maintaining PCI compliance, according to experts. Read More

The impact of PCI compliance on the channel

01 May 2009

Did you know that PCI outlines some requirements that are specific to solution providers? Ed Moyle outlines how to approach PCI compliance for your own business, as well as your customers' businesses. Read More

PCI Council issues long-awaited PCI tokenization compliance guidance

12 Aug 2011

PCI DSS tokenization can reduce the scope of a PCI assessment, according to new guidance issued Friday. One expert says it’s been a long time coming. Read More

Top 7 IT security frameworks and standards explained

31 May 2019

Several IT security frameworks and cybersecurity standards are available to help protect company data. Here's advice for choosing the right one for your organization. Read More