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More PCI encryption, tokenization options emerge for compliance

04 Nov 2010

RSA is the latest vendor to combine encryption and tokens with a server that provides tokenization and key management functionality in one location. Read More

PCI survey finds more compliance spending planned to meet guidelines

12 Jan 2011

A survey of 500 security professionals found that although the compliance initiatives are burdensome, they are improving security at most organizations. Read More

Verizon PCI report finds firms struggling to maintain compliance

28 Sep 2011

Many businesses struggle to maintain PCI DSS compliance, suggesting meeting the standard is a goal rather than an ongoing initiative, according to a new report from Verizon Business. Read More

Inside Ryder Truck Rental's PCI compliance project

30 Apr 2010

In 2007, Julio Gonzalez, director of IT, GRC and network operations at Ryder Truck Rental, kicked off a PCI project aimed at addressing any credit card exposures. Read More

Is PCI compliance attainable in a public cloud?

01 Feb 2010

Can you reach PCI-DSS compliance in a public cloud? The answer is yes, with some gotchas. Find out the requirements to stay compliant. Read More

PCI security compliance experts share ways to get compliance 'done right'

26 Apr 2010

Don't whine about having to achieve PCI compliance and don't think of PCI as an end-goal, said two experts at SOURCE Boston 2010. Read More

PCI compliance requirement 4: Encrypt transmissions

01 Jun 2009

Diana Kelley and Ed Moyle of Security Curve review PCI compliance requirement 4: "Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks." Read More

PCI compliance requirements affect IT risk assessments

22 Feb 2010

In their book PCI Compliance: Understand and Implement Effective PCI Data Security Standard Compliance, authors Dr. Anton Chuvakin and Branden Williams discuss how to best approach PCI compliance ... Read More

Resellers still have crucial role to play in PCI compliance

06 Jan 2011

Merchants are still failing to understand the requirements of PCI DSS credit card data protection or the consequences of failing to be compliant with the rules. Read More

MasterCard increases PCI compliance requirements for some merchants

29 Jun 2009

Company now requires merchants that process one million to six million transactions annually to have onsite assessment by a PCI QSA. Visa says it won't follow suit. Read More