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Vodafone India’s PCI DSS compliance journey: A dissection

09 Apr 2012

With Vodafone India’s PCI DSS compliance journey in its third iteration, we share practical PCI DSS tips and ground realities from the telecom major. Read More

PCI compliance requirement 3: Protect data

01 Jun 2009

Ed Moyle and Diana Kelley review Requirement 3 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard: Protect cardholder data. It's not as simple as it sounds. Read More

Five myths of PCI compliance

16 Aug 2007

Despite the clarity of the PCI Data Security Standard, misconceptions about who the standard applies to and what it requires are not uncommon. Learn how to set the record straight for misinformed clients. Read More

NEC launches InfinityBoard collaboration hardware for meeting rooms

22 Oct 2018

In UC news, NEC Display introduces new meeting room hardware, MTD uses NewVoiceMedia to improve its contact center, and Fuze announces new mobile upgrades and analytics tools. Read More

How to change from WEP to WPA for PCI DSS compliance

16 Apr 2010

The deadline to change from WEP to WPA wireless encryption standard for PCI DSS compliance is quickly approaching. Learn how to change from WEP to WPA and how to ensure that WEP is completely eradicated from your ... Read More

Getting serious about PCI DSS compliance

03 May 2010

A survey of Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) on how businesses are dealing with the 12 mandatory requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS) contains a number of ... Read More

Mixed PCI DSS compliance puts consumers at risk

22 Sep 2009

Businesses' half-hearted efforts at compliance with the payment card industry data security standard means thousands of consumers are not fully protected from data breaches, a survey has revealed. Read More

PCI DSS 3.2 marks the end of an era, not of the standard

20 Apr 2016

Does PCI DSS 3.2 mark the end of major updates to payment security compliance standards? Expert Mike Chapple discusses the update and what it means for organizations. Read More

PCI DSS compliance: The basics

03 Jul 2008

PCI DSS requires merchants to employ basic application security techniques in order to be in compliance. Here is an overview of PCI DSS and requirement 6.6. Read More

PCI DSS 1.1: Strategies for compliance

08 Jul 2010

In this video, Diana Kelley and Ed Moyle of consultancy SecurityCurve discuss the changes that have taken place during the first two years PCI DSS has been in effect, and look forward to potential future changes. Read More