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Is a PCI DSS report on compliance confidential?

09 Feb 2010

Learn about the confidentiality of a PCI report on compliance, and a compliance audit report in general in this expert response from Ernie Hayden. Read More

PCI DSS compliance may be the answer to more than credit card privacy

01 Nov 2011

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard -- PCI DSS -- has been around for a few years and has seemingly done a good job of keeping credit card data safe. No, it's not a binding regulation, ... Read More

PCI DSS 3.0 preview highlights passwords, providers, payment data flow

15 Aug 2013

The proposed PCI DSS 3.0 standard would emphasize in-house vulnerability assessments, add password flexibility and highlight provider compliance. Read More

New Verizon report connects PCI non-compliance and data breaches

05 Oct 2010

Results of the first Verizon Payment Card Industry Compliance Report indicate that organizations that had been breached were 50% less likely to be PCI compliant. Read More

PCI DSS requirements still baffling as compliance deadline approaches

08 Mar 2010

PCI DSS requirements can present a serious challenge for some merchants as the September 2010 compliance deadline approaches. A new survey shows that many Level-3 and Level-4 merchants are having trouble ... Read More

PCI audit conflict of interest problems persist

12 Aug 2014

Discussing the state of PCI DSS compliance, Gartner's Avivah Litan says the industry still struggles with PCI auditors who both identify PCI problems and sell remediation services to fix them, causing a conflict of... Read More

PCI DSS Compliance: Debating the benefits, unintended consequences Part 2

06 Apr 2011

Can critics of PCI DSS can get along with proponents of the standard? Gene Kim of Tripwire Inc. and Martin McKeay of Verizon, explain what can be learned by studying the effects of PCI DSS compliance. Read More

VMware makes the case for PCI DSS compliance

12 Nov 2008

Is credit card data truly safe in a virtualized environment? By joining the PCI Security Standards Council, VMware hopes to sway the discussion in its favor. Read More

PCI DSS compliance requirements: Ensuring data integrity

15 Sep 2009

Want to make sure you have secure data for PCI DSS? One of the first steps is making sure the data you're trying to secure is the right data. Security management expert David Mortman explains how to ascertain and ... Read More

St John Ambulance gears up for PCI DSS compliance

30 Jun 2010

First aid charity St John Ambulance is rolling out a security information system to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Read More