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Key challenges of mobile compliance

10 Sep 2015

Vigitrust CEO Mathieu Gorge surveys the key challenges of mobile device compliance and how mobile devices need to fit with regulations such as the Data Protection Act and PCI-DSS Read More

RMM software vendor Pulseway gains traction in MSP market

11 Jan 2019

MSPs can expect Pulseway to add machine learning-based features and third-party integrations to its RMM software in 2019; other news from the week. Read More

Change management software eases PCI compliance burden

05 Mar 2008

Change management software can help data centers satisfy PCI compliance efforts -- but change processes need to be in place first. Read More

Make PCI DSS compliance easier by reducing scope, outsourcing data

01 Mar 2010

Many organisations are still struggling with PCI DSS compliance. But there are some ways to ease the burden introduced by PCI DSS. Find out how some experts recommend making PCI DSS compliance easier. Read More

Poor network segmentation biggest threat to PCI compliance

21 Feb 2008

By failing to segment networks, business must ensure PCI compliance for all of their infrastructure, which is far harder than making payment systems compliant. Read More

Three steps to PCI DSS compliance

09 Jul 2007

With 12 requirements, the PCI Data Security Standard can be daunting for resource-strained SMBs. Follow these steps to ease the pain and keep your customer data safe at the same time. Read More

PCI-DSS standard compliance becomes reality for Bank of India

30 Nov 2010

Financial player Bank of India claims to be the first Indian bank to achieve PCI-DSS standard certification for its debit card environment. Read More

Data security best practices for PCI DSS compliance

31 Mar 2009

The glut of recent data breaches, such as the one at Heartland Payment Systems Inc., leaves some security pros wondering if PCI DSS is doing its job. Is it worth all the effort to become PCI compliant if breaches ... Read More

Netskope announces enterprise application security platform

18 Jun 2019

Netskope for Private Access is a cloud-based platform that secures private enterprise applications on public clouds and in on-premises data centers using zero-trust access. Read More

How to build on PCI DSS regulations and confront mobile payment apps

03 Nov 2014

Compliance with PCI DSS regulations is only the start of a sound security strategy. In this #GRCChat, participants discuss additional measures to protect data and the complexities around mobile payment applications. Read More