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Meet data center compliance standards in hybrid deployments

30 Nov 2018

Data center compliance is a moving target that shifts with standards and technologies. Don't get sidetracked by the complexity -- prioritize performance while maintaining compliance. Read More

PCI compliance checklist: Top five channel mistakes and how to avoid them

29 Sep 2008

Regulatory compliance can make or break your customer's business. Learn about the top five PCI mistakes made by solution providers and how you can help your customer avoid making them, from oversimplification to ... Read More

The 'security standards dilemma': Network segmentation and PCI Compliance

21 May 2008

The Hannford Bros. data security breach led many to believe that even PCI-compliant organizations did not properly segment their networks -- or that PCI does not adequately address the importance of network ... Read More

PCI DSS 2.0, GRC products top compliance officers' concerns in 2011

12 Jan 2011

In 2011, compliance officers are focusing on virtualization compliance with PCI DSS 2.0 standards, and governance, risk and compliance products. Read More

How to conduct proper AWS vulnerability scanning in 3 steps

19 Aug 2019

Cloud vulnerability management can be complicated. Learn how to perform AWS vulnerability scans under the shared responsibility model. Read More

Top 10 access-related controls for PCI compliance

10 Dec 2007

Companies that identify, monitor, report and investigate audit trails and conduct risk analytics are taking the right steps to protect critical data, according to one expert. Read More

PCI compliance deadlines have retailers scrambling

13 Sep 2007

Visa's deadlines for PCI data security standard compliance have large retailers scrambling. But experts have little sympathy for those who've waited. The TJX breach should have been incentive enough. Read More

Voice recording compliance: What it is and how to achieve it

18 Jun 2014

Voice recording compliance is subject to the regulation by the FSA, PCI, and Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts Read More

What changes are businesses experiencing under PCI DSS version 3.0?

20 Feb 2015

New compliance requirements under PCI DSS version 3.0 strive to make cardholder data security part of companies' everyday business processes. Read More

Anton Chuvakin on PCI DSS compliance, security and nonprofits

01 Sep 2009

When it comes to meeting the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the mantra of the moment is compliance, not security. Anton Chuvakin, a well-known expert on ... Read More