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SSC issues PCI compliance checklist for third-party service providers

07 Aug 2014

The PCI Security Standards Council's new information supplement helps enterprises implement a security assurance program to ensure their third-party service providers meet PCI DSS requirements. Read More

FBI takes a step toward broader hacking authority; most companies fail PCI compliance tests

26 Mar 2015

The FBI's quest to expand its hacking authority moved forward last week: A judicial advisory panel approved a rule change regarding how flexible judges can be in granting search warrants outside ... Read More

What advice does the PCI Special Interest Group have for compliance?

03 Feb 2015

A new PCI Special Interest Group document gives advice to enterprises on staying PCI DSS compliant after audits. Expert Mike Chapple highlights the key takeaways. Read More

Sectigo pushing enterprise channel message on the back of a rebrand

17 Jan 2019

SSL player Sectigo has launched a partner programme with plans to drive enterprise revenue Read More

Visa's PCI compliance policy change: The end of the PCI assessment?

17 Jul 2012

Does Visa's PCI compliance policy change mean the end of the PCI assessment? Mike Chapple discusses what it means for security professionals. Read More

BA/Marriott GDPR fines: What they were for and how to avoid them

16 Jul 2019

We talk to Mathieu Gorge, CEO of Vigitrust, about the BA and Marriott GDPR fines and what organisations can do to ensure they achieve compliance with GDPR and similar regulations Read More

For merchants, Windows XP POS systems put PCI compliance at risk

12 Mar 2014

PCI compliance may be nearly impossible after the April 2014 Windows XP end-of-life date if merchants don't address vulnerable XP-based POS systems. Read More

PCI SSC's Bob Russo on point-to-point encryption, PCI compliance

24 Aug 2012

Video: The PCI SSC GM discusses tokenization, point-to-point encryption, PCI compliance and plans to approve vendor P2P encryption products. Read More

Does completing a PCI compliance checklist ensure security?

20 Mar 2013

PCI DSS guidelines are a good place to start, but checking off boxes on the PCI compliance checklist will not ensure your organization is secure. Read More

Can a PCI Internal Security Assessor validate level 1 merchants?

02 Aug 2017

A PCI Internal Security Assessor might not be the best bet to validate the compliance of a level 1 service provider. Expert Matthew Pascucci explains why and the alternative. Read More