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Is maintaining PCI compliance in the enterprise actually possible?

06 Dec 2011

Manage the ongoing struggle enterprises face in maintaining PCI compliance, weighing practicality with security necessity. Read More

PCI e-commerce compliance guidelines for third-party payment processors

11 Jun 2013

Expert Mike Chapple details the PCI SSC's third-party processor rules and how to outsource card processing and stay PCI DSS compliant. Read More

Product Spotlight: IT risk and compliance, PCI compliance solutions

17 Feb 2011

Our latest roundup of IT compliance products features a PCI compliance solution, application performance monitoring software and tools to help with IT risk and compliance. Read More

How an assessor validates the PCI DSS scope of compliance

03 Dec 2012

Expert Mike Chapple explains the four tests a QSA performs to validate that an organization has properly defined their PCI DSS scope of compliance. Read More

The lowdown on PCI compliance

28 Aug 2009

Putting aside PCI DSS hype, an IT security expert identifies key components of compliance and advises on vulnerability scanner choices. He covers how compliance effects business function, and which scanning tools ... Read More

Cloud computing PCI compliance: Is it possible?

06 Sep 2011

Is enterprise cloud computing PCI compliance possible? Discover how to use cloud computing and be PCI DSS-compliant. Read More

Breach brings payment processing servers' PCI compliance into question

04 Apr 2012

Until recently, you may have not heard of Atlanta-based credit card payment processing server Global Payments Inc. On the other hand, it's likely that you're very familiar with two of the company's ... Read More

Using encryption technology to achieve PCI DSS compliance objectives

24 Sep 2013

Mike Chapple covers how encryption facilitates PCI DSS compliance, protecting credit card transactions and the infrastructure used to process them. Read More

Tokenization and PCI compliance

12 May 2009

PCI compliance is top of mind for everyone in the payment lifecycle. Protecting sensitive credit card data can be an albatross, but a relatively new technology promises to erase the burden. In this tip, Ed Moyle ... Read More

PCI requirement 7: PCI compliance policy for access control procedures

01 Mar 2011

Though PCI DSS is generally prescriptive, when it comes to requirement 7, organizations have more leeway -- and, thus, more potential for error -- than other sections of the standard. Learn how to handle PCI DSS ... Read More