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Payment card industry issues data security standard update

28 Apr 2016

PCI DSS version 3.2 introduces six new requirements for compliance, some additional guidance and a raft of clarifications Read More

PCI DSS compliance in the cloud: On the horizon?

12 Nov 2010

A reference architecture for PCI DSS compliance in the cloud has emerged, but is it a concrete example or a far-fetched ideal? Read More

Is the PCI DSS a good guide for an application security program?

16 Sep 2014

Is the PCI DSS a sufficient guideline for implementing an application security program? Should organizations take steps beyond the mandated PCI compliance checklist? Read More

Quiz: PCI DSS compliance strategies and best practices

07 Sep 2012

Is your organization on the right track concerning Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, compliance? Take our quiz to find out. Read More

PCI compliance services FAQ

03 Nov 2008

The PCI compliance standard must be met by every company who accepts credit cards as a form of payment. But what exactly does it mean to be PCI-compliant? Andrew Plato, president and principal consultant of Anitian... Read More

TheCloud starts fresh chapter as Atmoso

22 Nov 2017

Rebranding comes at a time when the product portfolio has expanded Read More

Tata Consultancy Services launches center for retail transformation

28 Jun 2019

Retail digital transformation is a key focus of a newly launched innovation and research center that Tata Consultancy Services unveiled in New York; more news from the week. Read More

Meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements with a data management program

05 Feb 2013

In order to meet PCI DSS requirements and compliance, it is important to organize and sort the data coming in by devising a data management plan. Read More

The impact of PCI compliance on the channel

01 May 2009

Did you know that PCI outlines some requirements that are specific to solution providers? Ed Moyle outlines how to approach PCI compliance for your own business, as well as your customers' businesses. Read More

PCI in the cloud: Segmentation, security compliance is possible, experts say

20 Jan 2012

Merchants are ultimately responsible for locking down credit card data and maintaining PCI compliance, according to experts. Read More