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PCI compliance: encryption, firewalls work. IDS and IPS, not so much

01 Mar 2010

The Ponemon Institute recently surveyed 155 globally certified PCI DSS compliance auditors about how the largest retailers (Tier 1 merchants) are doing with respect to compliance with the credit ... Read More

PCI Council issues priority tool for compliance

04 Mar 2009

A new PCI compliance tool walks companies through the compliance process by meeting six milestones set by weighing risk and threat factors. Read More

PCI compliance after the TJX data breach

16 Jan 2008

The massive TJX data breach reinforced the need for stricter controls when handling credit card information. In this tip, Joel Dubin reexamines the need for the PCI Data Security Standard and advises how to ease ... Read More

Does reducing data storage improve PCI credit card compliance?

05 Jun 2012

Mike Chapple discusses whether reducing customer credit card data storage is better, worse or ineffective for improving PCI credit card compliance. Read More

IBM offers PCI compliance programme

05 Nov 2007

IBM is offering a one-stop shop for the 12 stages of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Read More

RSA partners with Cisco for PCI compliance

14 Jan 2008

RSA has made five of its products that support customers with payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) compliance interoperable with Cisco PCI architectures. Read More

PCI DSS 3.2 marks the end of an era, not of the standard

20 Apr 2016

Does PCI DSS 3.2 mark the end of major updates to payment security compliance standards? Expert Mike Chapple discusses the update and what it means for organizations. Read More

Wireless network guidelines for PCI DSS compliance

19 Oct 2009

The PCI Security Standards Council recently released additional guidance for WLANs, but do they make the compliance process easier? Contributor Ben Rothke examines the key points of the new guidelines and offers ... Read More

PCI DSS Compliance: Debating the benefits, unintended consequences Part 1

06 Apr 2011

Is PCI DSS effective? Are there unintended consequences? Mike Dahn, head of PCI Compliance at Verizon and Joshua Corman, director of security research at the 451 Group discuss how PCI DSS has changed the security ... Read More

PCI compliance without costly consultants

03 Mar 2008

Midmarket companies get no break when it comes to PCI compliance. The best defense, says this expert, is plenty of documentation. Read More