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Enterprises want more cloud transparency

23 Sep 2019

Cloud providers have improved the visibility into their platforms, but enterprises still need more information about what goes on behind the scenes. Read More

PCI compliance without costly consultants

03 Mar 2008

Midmarket companies get no break when it comes to PCI compliance. The best defense, says this expert, is plenty of documentation. Read More

Hectic race to meet Visa's PCI-DSS compliance deadline

13 Aug 2010

We discuss Visa's global deadlines for PCI-DSS compliance and whether Indian banks, merchants and service providers will be able to meet the same. Read More

Will Chip and PIN technology boost payment card transaction security?

10 Feb 2015

Visa and MasterCard are putting pressure on merchants to implement Chip and PIN technology, and while it will improve transaction security, it won't make PCI compliance any easier. Read More

PCI compliance encryption includes hardening key management systems

03 May 2010

As companies deploy encryption to protect cardholder data, French security giant, Thales Group is making the case for hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect the underlying key management systems at the heart ... Read More

Compliance recycling: Combining compliance efforts to manage PCI DSS

16 Jul 2008

While the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) looms large over most enterprises' compliance efforts, it doesn't necessarily mean abandoning other compliance efforts. Expert Diana Kelley explains ... Read More

Analytics and GDPR compliance: How to achieve it

22 Jul 2019

Mathieu Gorge, CEO of Vigitrust, looks at technologies such as pseudonymisation that can help organisations stay GDPR-compliant while gaining value from analytics on customer data Read More

Top 7 IT security frameworks and standards explained

31 May 2019

Several IT security frameworks and cybersecurity standards are available to help protect company data. Here's advice for choosing the right one for your organization. Read More

Is all the PCI DSS compliance whining and complaining justified?

18 Jun 2009

Retailers are revolting against the PCI Council, calling for reform of PCI DSS compliance regulations, but security is simply part of the cost of doing business in today's world. Read More

Criteria for evaluating PCI consultants

01 May 2013

PCI consultants can help organizations achieve PCI DSS compliance, but first you must choose the right one. Read More