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How to address PCI compliance in the cloud

02 May 2013

Expert Mike Chapple offers advice on how to address PCI compliance when moving systems to the public cloud. Read More

What Apple Pay tokenization means for PCI DSS compliance

06 Mar 2015

Tokenization is a key technology underlying Apple Pay, promising to boost payment data security. Mike Chapple examines how Apple Pay's tokenization system works, and whether it will provide any PCI DSS compliance ... Read More

How IT lockdown periods affect PCI compliance regulations

04 Aug 2014

IT lockdown periods are sometimes used to improve system efficiency, but do they work with PCI compliance regulations? Expert Mike Chapple answers. Read More

Preview of 2015 Verizon PCI report hints at firewall compliance issues

16 Jan 2015

In a sneak preview of its 2015 PCI Compliance Report, Verizon says improper firewall maintenance is among the leading causes of PCI DSS compliance failures. Read More

Using metadata tagging tools for PCI DSS compliance

19 Aug 2014

Metadata tagging is not just for security. Expert Mike Chapple explains how tagging tools can be used to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Read More

PCI DSS: Credit card data and what to expect from version 4.0

14 Oct 2019

We preview October’s PCI Europe Community Meeting where attendees will discuss credit card payment data, with topics covered likely to include the cloud and point-to-point encryption Read More

Why a CISO-CIO reporting structure undermines security

04 Nov 2019

The CISO-CIO reporting structure comes with a serious conflict of interest, argues cybersecurity expert Tarah Wheeler. Here's why. Read More

How to use PCI SSC supplement to achieve PCI compliance in the cloud

07 May 2013

Ed Moyle examines highlights of the recently released PCI SSC information supplement that offers new details on achieving PCI compliance in the cloud. Read More

Mainframe security best practices for compliance with PCI DSS

15 Oct 2014

Mainframe security is a largely overlooked topic by QSAs assessing compliance with PCI DSS, but expert Mike Villegas explains why enterprises can't ignore the key security controls to ensure mainframe compliance. Read More

PCI virtualization compliance: Three steps for PCI compliance in the cloud

12 Mar 2012

PCI compliance in the cloud is tough but implementing these strategies can help. Read More