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Does completing a PCI compliance checklist ensure security?

20 Mar 2013

PCI DSS guidelines are a good place to start, but checking off boxes on the PCI compliance checklist will not ensure your organization is secure. Read More

Ensuring wireless PCI compliance

14 Oct 2011

Ensuring wireless PCI compliance requires attention to network components, how these devices are connected, and may require some network reconfiguration. Read More

PCI virtualization compliance still a challenge

09 May 2012

No black and white when it comes to PCI compliance in virtualized environments, experts say. Read More

PCI compliance in the cloud: Can cloud service providers manage PCI?

15 Jun 2012

PCI compliance in the cloud is controversial, so can a company really trust cloud service providers to manage their PCI DSS compliance? Read More

Mobile payment networks: What are the PCI compliance requirements?

11 Dec 2012

Mike Chapple discusses what the PCI compliance requirements might look like for mobile payment networks such as Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Read More

What the PCI virtualization guidance means for PCI compliance in the cloud

15 Jul 2011

The PCI council’s recent guidance on virtualization shows that PCI compliance is a shared responsibility in the cloud. Read More

PCI SSC introduces cloud compliance guidelines

18 Feb 2013

A branch of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has released guidelines designed to clarify the murky rules of cloud compliance. Read More

Can video surveillance improve PCI DSS 3.0 compliance?

08 Jan 2015

Requirement 9.9 of PCI DSS 3.0 focuses on physical security of point-of-sale systems. Expert Mike Chapple looks at whether or not video surveillance can help in that regard. Read More

Can a PCI Internal Security Assessor validate level 1 merchants?

02 Aug 2017

A PCI Internal Security Assessor might not be the best bet to validate the compliance of a level 1 service provider. Expert Matthew Pascucci explains why and the alternative. Read More

PCI compliance UK: The future of European merchant PCI compliance

21 Jul 2010

This PCI DSS UK compliance guide offers advice on how to achieve merchant PCI compliance with expert advice and real-world case studies. Read More