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Seven creative strategies for reducing employee stress

By James A. Martin 02 Feb 2018

Americans are stressed, and job anxieties are a major cause. Here's what some employers are doing to make sure their employees are happy -- and not looking for their next gig. Read More

AWS security services expand, but still room for improvement

By Trevor Jones 12 Dec 2017

AWS security tools got a boost from GuardDuty and IoT Device Defender, but the vendor still has work to do to provide a full security portfolio to meet enterprise needs. Read More

US utility provider PG&E on ditching the datacentre and going cloud-first

By Caroline Donnelly 05 Dec 2017

US-based utility provider Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) discusses how getting out of the datacentre business and into the cloud is helping meet its regulatory, affordability and innovation targets Read More

Mosquito Rescues GPU Upgrade

By Ed Tittel 04 Dec 2017

As my son and I swap an old Nvidia card for a new one, I observe that a mosquito rescues GPU upgrade. Read More

Modern Infrastructure 2018 Impact Awards nomination form

By Nick Martin 25 Sep 2017

Modern Infrastructure's 2018 Impact Awards recognize the most innovative products of the year, as chosen by our judges. Read More

Paul Armstrong


Paul Armstrong, author and strategist, runs HERE/FORTH, a future technology consultancy helping business leaders decide how to best use rapidly changing and emerging technologies.Read More

Fsutil Cleans Up Excess Old Transactions

By Ed Tittel 17 Jul 2017

NTFS Fsutil cleans up excess old transactions. You can also use it to show you how much disk space transaction info and logs consume. Read More

Mohamed Elbeheiry

El-Badr Industrial Supplies Co. Ltd.

Mohamed Elbeheiry is the ICT manager at El-Badr Industrial Supplies Co. Ltd.Read More

Another week, another sign of VMware adapting to a multicloud world

By Trevor Jones 21 Oct 2016

VMware made waves last week by partnering with Amazon, but another big-name public cloud integration that flew under the radar this week also highlights where the company is headed as enterprises ... Read More

VMware and Amazon partner to bring enterprises to the cloud

By Trevor Jones 14 Oct 2016

In a move focused squarely on enterprise customers, VMware and Amazon are partnering to shift on-premises vSphere workloads to AWS bare metal. Read More