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What Should Quality Cost?

sponsored by QualityLogic Published: 02 Jul 2018 White Paper

Use this guide to sanity check your current QA and testing processes, and find out how many organizations are using crowd-testing, offshoring, nearshoring, and more to meet their QA needs and stay under budget.

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Create Your Ideal Data Quality Strategy

sponsored by Experian Data Quality Published: 31 Dec 2016 Resource

A more sophisticated approach to data management results in less inaccurate information and higher profits. Discover how to form a better approach that includes people, processes and technology.

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The Relationship Between Data Governance & Data Quality

sponsored by Experian Data Quality Published: 16 Aug 2018 White Paper

Now more than ever, it is important for companies to develop a business-centric data governance approach, before the volume, variety and velocity of data increase any further. Discover 6 tips to implement a ...

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Data Migrations Live and Die by Data Quality

sponsored by Experian Data Quality Published: 31 Dec 2017 Resource

Experian conducted a survey to mark global trends in data quality. Inside, examine how data practitioners are leveraging data to generate actionable insights as well as how data management practices are changing ...

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All-Flash Storage: Improving How Physicians Deliver Patient Care

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 31 May 2017 Research Content

In this IDC white paper, explore important healthcare IT storage needs for the growing provider market, focusing on how all-flash storage solutions can be used to provide faster access to patient data.

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Improve Scheduling, Production, and Quality Using Cloud ERP

sponsored by Epicor Software Corporation Published: 30 Sep 2014 White Paper

Tap into this resource for several examples of how a cloud ERP platform can help manufacturers manage departments.

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How Clinicians Can Improve Quality of Care with All-Flash Storage for Enterprise Imaging

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 24 May 2017 White Paper

A modern storage platform, like flash storage, can provide patients and doctors with faster access to better and more accurate information at all stages of treatment, when linked with critical PACS and VNAs. Learn ...

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All-Flash Storage in EHR and VDI: Lowering Costs, Improving Quality of Care

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 13 Jun 2016 White Paper

How can health care providers modernize their infrastructure under constrained budgets? All-flash storage is proving a favorable investment with an average $1M increase in profitability over 3 years. Access this ...

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A Data Quality Primer: Using Data Quality Tools and Techniques to Improve Business Value

sponsored by Melissa Published: 17 May 2018 eBook

This 48-page data quality e-book focuses on these challenges: understanding when data values are or are not valid and correct, how data values can be made correct, and how data cleansing services can be integrated ...

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MCHS Improves Patient Care and Expands Storage Capacity without Huge Capital Spend

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 24 Jun 2015 Case Study

Access this case study to find out how MCHS simplified their VDI deployment and boosted the performance of their clinical apps with a flash storage platform. Additionally, discover two major benefits that the IT ...

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