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Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Lowering Costs and Improving Quality

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 23 Mar 2018 White Paper

The most powerful assets that drive a company's service quality and customer experience rely on its operational integrity. Learn how your business can both improve operation performance and reduce costs.

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Connected Datacenter Monitoring and Real-Time Insights

sponsored by Schneider Electric Published: 30 May 2018 White Paper

Real-time data and monitoring tools can help guarantee that all aspects of your data center such as PDUs, climate control, and UPS are running smoothly. Click to learn how a remote digital monitoring service can ...

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How to Transition from Annual Performance Reviews to Real-Time Feedback

sponsored by Reflektive Published: 31 Oct 2016 Resource

In place of – or to complement – annual performance reviews for employees, enterprises often use real-time feedback instead. Explore how real-time feedback could benefit your business and might result in a more ...

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Real-Time Process Monitoring with the VIA IoT Analytics Platform

sponsored by Vitria Technology, Inc. Published: 09 Oct 2017 White Paper

When combined with IoT data and advanced analytics, real-time process monitoring has the potential to enable executives to improve customer experiences and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. Learn about...

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8 Reasons to Consider SAAS-Based Infrastructure Monitoring

sponsored by LogicMonitor Published: 26 Oct 2017 White Paper

Monitoring the technical frameworks supporting your IT is not as simple as it used to be, with service-oriented architectures, cloud, and containerization spreading your monitoring duties thin. Access this ...

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Streamline Your Business with LogicMonitor

sponsored by LogicMonitor Published: 27 Mar 2018 Case Study

In today's IT environments that continually grow in complexity, successfully monitoring and identifying issues can be a cumbersome process. Discover how implementing a performance monitoring platform can enhance ...

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Cloud Services Monitoring

sponsored by LogicMonitor Published: 02 Nov 2017 Video

As cloud computing becomes more important, you need a way to monitor usage to ensure that you get the most for your investment. Take 4 minutes to learn about a cloud service monitoring tool to see how it impacts ...

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How Graphmasters Ensured The Performance and Accuracy of Their Real-Time Navigation App with Analytics

sponsored by Splunk Services UK Ltd Published: 04 Nov 2016 Case Study

In this case study, discover how Graphmasters, the company behind the navigation app Nunav, employed an analytics program which helped them improve their accuracy by correlating IoT data from traffic feeds with app...

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5 Tips for Transitioning to Cloud and Monitoring Hybrid Infrastructure

sponsored by LogicMonitor Published: 27 Oct 2017 White Paper

Download this resource to follow these five tips for a comprehensive strategy for transitioning infrastructure to cloud and for ongoing monitoring of the complete environment, from bare-metal to cloud to hybrid.

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Generating New Revenue with Monitoring-as-a-Service

sponsored by LogicMonitor Published: 29 Mar 2018 Case Study

The loss of control that accompanies the move towards cloud-based IT infrastructure can make diagnosing problems more complex. Discover how a Monitoring-as-a-Service platform can improve your infrastructure's ...

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