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IBM Watson Regulatory Compliance

sponsored by IBM Published: 22 Jun 2018 White Paper

Risk and compliance analysis has changed significantly, increasing the regulatory compliance demands placed on organizations and driving the need for a new approach. Dive into this white paper to learn how ...

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IBM Regulatory Compliance Analytics with Watson

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2016 White Paper

Take a look inside Watson AI for compliance. Find out how cognitive computing is helping to ease the burden of keeping up with complex regulatory demands.

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Cybersecurity Compliance: Guide to Data Protection Regulatory Compliance

sponsored by Panda Security Published: 31 Jul 2018 White Paper

Violation of GDPR and PCI DSS could cause a lot of damage to your organization--ranging from hefty fines to a loss of confidence from customers, contractors and employees. Learn about Panda Security's advanced ...

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ERP as a Foundation for Regulatory Compliance and Traceability

sponsored by IFS Published: 09 May 2018 Resource

If your ERP software is faulty, you could be penalized for noncompliance with food manufacturing safety regulations. Download this resource and receive tips on how to find an ERP system that can keep you in ...

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Regulatory Compliance Is Irrelevant... Or Is It?

sponsored by CA Technologies Published: 06 Jul 2018 Resource Center

Find out how your enterprise can stay ahead of security risks in the mainframe and benefit from doing more than just adhering to the regular "compliance checklist."

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The Good Shepherd Model for Cybersecurity, Privacy, And Regulatory Compliance

sponsored by Nuix Published: 17 Jan 2018 White Paper

Data breaches are inevitable - If you can't prevent hackers or insiders from getting into your organization's network, it's vital to minimize the damage they can cause. This white paper reveals four rules for ...

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Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 19 Nov 2013 eGuide

In this e-guide, gain expert insight on how to remain vigilant in meeting regulatory compliance standards, and uncover top compliance monitoring tools for financial institutions to meet their industry-specific ...

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How CIOs are Achieving Compliance Using Encryption Management in the New Regulatory Era

sponsored by WinMagic Published: 14 Aug 2018 Resource

Download this resource for a look at a CXO briefing with a 'how to' guide for a simplified approach to compliance with encryption management.

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Streamline your Regulatory Change Management Process

sponsored by BWise B.V. Published: 19 Apr 2018 White Paper

Keeping on top of regulatory change can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, and staying compliant is a constant challenge. Take a look at this resource to uncover how to streamline your regulatory change ...

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The Packet Train Difference

sponsored by AppNeta Published: 16 Sep 2016 White Paper

Get an in-depth look at packet train dispersion technology and how it delivers an accurate measure of network performance. You'll learn key benefits of packet train dispersion analysis, how it works, and more.

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