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Can Oracle substantiate its cloud bluster?

By Cliff Saran 25 Sep 2019

Larry Ellison talks aggressively about having more datacentres than AWS and how Oracle’s cloud sales are growing – but it may have to provide legal proof Read More

Cloud database comparison: AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle

By Chris Foot 28 Jun 2019

IT expert Chris Foot evaluates the leading cloud databases from AWS, Google, Microsoft and Oracle based on their product offerings and migration capabilities. Read More

Microsoft licensing terms change will impact some cloud customers

By Chris Kanaracus 07 Aug 2019

Microsoft customers who want to deploy its software on dedicated cloud hosts, including Microsoft Azure, face new licensing terms as of Oct. 1. Read More

How to plan for an Azure cloud migration

By Tom Walat 30 Sep 2019

A Windows Server migration into the Microsoft cloud comes with several administrative benefits, but it also means there are new management aspects to worry about. Read More

BigQuery updates highlight AI push, but work remains

By George Lawton 06 Aug 2019

Google took a different approach than AWS and Microsoft when it built a service for ad hoc SQL queries. See how that played a role in the latest round of updates to BigQuery. Read More

Weighing the use of third-party database administration tools

By Chris Foot 19 Sep 2019

Database expert Chris Foot details the key reasons why DBAs should consider using third-party database administration to fill gaps left by the major database manufacturers. Read More

Green House Data adds patching automation to its software segue

By John Moore 30 Aug 2019

Green House Data's Beekeeper patch automation product is a component of the managed IT and advisory services company's differentiation-via-software approach. Read More

Commvault adds SaaS backup subsidiary Metallic

By Johnny Yu 14 Oct 2019

Metallic is a Commvault brand focused on delivering cloud-based SaaS backup, with separate products protecting servers and VMs, Office 365 and endpoints. Read More

Find the best data integration tools for your organization

By Rick Sherman 01 May 2019

Read analysis and comparisons of data integration tools to help you select the right platform from the leading commercial and open source products currently on the market. Read More

Pavilion Data Systems adds investors, as NVMe startups fade

By Garry Kranz 14 Aug 2019

Shakeout and consolidation is taking place among NVMe flash startups. New investment gives Pavilion Data Systems a longer runway to add data features, expand sales. Read More