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four-way server

A four-way server is a server that incorporates a multi-core processor for increased performance... (Continued) Read Full Definition

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Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core is a minimal installation option for the Windows Server operating system (OS) that has no GUI and only includes the components required to perform server roles and run applications. Read Full Definition

one-socket server

A one-socket server is a server based around a single motherboard with a single CPU socket. Read Full Definition

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Microsoft Windows Server Manager

Microsoft Windows Server Manager is a tool for managing a server's identity and the roles installed on the server. Read Full Definition

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virtual server backup

Virtual server backup is the copying of data stored on a virtual server to guard against data loss. Read Full Definition

headless server

A headless server is a computing device without a local interface that is dedicated to providing services to other computers and their users. Servers in large data center environments are often headless. Read Full Definition

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reverse proxy server

A reverse proxy server is a proxy server that relays connection requests for inbound network traffic. Read Full Definition

cold/warm/hot server

In the backup and recovery of a computer server, a cold server is a backup server whose purpose is solely to be there in case the main server is lost. Read Full Definition

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft's email, calendaring, contact, scheduling and collaboration platform deployed on the Windows Server operating system for use within a business or larger enterprise. Read Full Definition

server accelerator card (SSL card)

A server accelerator card (also known as an SSL card) is a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card used to generate encryption keys for secure transactions on e-commerce Web sites. Read Full Definition