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Why SQL Server security matters: A case study

28 Nov 2012

With a DBA's multiple responsibilities, it's easy to neglect SQL Server security. This case study by Basit Farooq explains why this is so dangerous. Read More

Microsoft SQL Server security best practices checklist

20 Jun 2013

Authentication, complex passwords and limiting permissions are three of the top bullet points on this SQL Server security best practices checklist. Read More

Different ways to audit SQL Server security

17 Aug 2012

Strong SQL Server security has become a more important part of a robust defense. But what are your options for security auditing? Read More

Managing linked server security in SQL Server

02 Oct 2012

What do you need to know to effectively manage your linked server? Find out in this tip from SQL Server expert Roman Rehak. Read More

SQL Server 2012 security: Changes for the newest version

06 Dec 2012

SQL Server 2012 is here, and many DBAs wonder what kinds of changes to expect in SQL Server security. Basit Farooq explains what we can anticipate. Read More

SQL Server security: The implications of user-defined roles

11 Sep 2012

SQL Server security is a topic on many DBAs' minds. But what are the implications of user-defined roles? Expert Serdar Yegulalp explains. Read More

How SQL Server DevOps processes help break down data silos

28 Jun 2019

DevOps can help organizations dismantle data silos in SQL Server and other database systems -- and replace organizational silos with cross-functional teams. Read More

Key features to create a SQL Server audit trail in databases

31 May 2019

SQL Server offers a set of built-in auditing tools that can help make the process of tracking logins and other database activities easier for database administrators. Read More

SQL Server security in virtual, physical worlds virtually the same

20 Dec 2011

SQL Server security issues in virtualized environments pretty much mirror the challenges in physical environments, experts say. Standard security guidelines apply. Read More

Securing the server and database in SQL Server

30 Oct 2009

Hardening SQL Server at the database and server levels is crucial to a secure environment. Learn why in part two of our SQL Server security series. Read More