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Microsoft Inspire sets FY 2020 agenda for partners

15 Jul 2019

Microsoft channel partners can expect to see the software company emphasize security, Azure migration, Teams collaboration and PowerApps, among other areas, during FY 2020. Read More

SQL Server vs. MySQL: Learn the differences

09 May 2019

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases have their pros and cons. Weigh the differences between SQL Server and MySQL features, costs, functionality and more. Read More

Does DevOps require end-to-end monitoring tools?

24 Jun 2019

While basic monitoring services and feedback loops provide critical insight for DevOps teams, an end-to-end monitoring tool gives them a more holistic view of the end-user experience. Read More

SQL Server performance tuning best practices for DBAs

22 Apr 2019

Tuning database performance is a complex process, but consultant Joey D'Antoni details a list of SQL Server performance tuning best practices that can make it easier. Read More

Security Explorer for SQL Server

26 Feb 2009

Security Explorer for SQL Server secures access to privileged information and centralizes permission management for Windows security. Read More

Pros and cons of using SQL Server audit triggers for DBAs

09 Apr 2019

Using triggers to capture audit information in SQL Server can be instrumental in keeping track of database use and changes. But they aren't a perfect fit for all cases. Read More

For better SQL Server security, get Extended Protection

08 Nov 2010

Want to ensure SQL Server security? Well, it just got a little easier. Extended Protection guards against attacks targeting the SQL Server database engine through enhanced security features in the Integrated ... Read More

Securing SQL Server data in the cloud: a few pointers

10 May 2011

Few concerns swirling around Microsoft cloud computing are more consuming than securing SQL data in the cloud. Can it be done? Certainly, but it’s not to be taken lightly. Read More

Securing SQL Server: Quick, easy, routinely ignored

05 Dec 2011

A recent wave of high-profile attacks has highlighted the importance of securing SQL Server. But protecting the database application is something most companies have historically overlooked. Read More