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Common oversights with SQL Server security audits

04 Jan 2010

Just because your SQL Server looks secure from the outside doesn't mean you are in the clear. Learn to dig deeper to find the hidden flaws just waiting to be exploited. Read More

SQL Server security made simple and sensible

14 Oct 2009

The many layers of SQL Server security can be confusing. Learn to connect to SQL Server and retrieve data from databases, as well as the ins and outs of object ownership. Read More

SQL Server security: Auditing

14 Mar 2008

SQL Server's security capabilities have undergone some big changes due to the database's handling of auditing requirements. Read More

Hardening the network and OS for SQL Server security

30 Oct 2009

To help prevent a major breach of your DBMS, it's important to secure all individual systems in an environment, including the network and operating system. Read More

SQL Server security: Authentication

14 Mar 2008

SQL Server's security capabilities have advanced quite a bit since SQL Server 2000. Find out how the changes to authentication can benefit your customers. Read More

10 DevOps engineer skills to add to a resume

25 Sep 2019

A DevOps engineer plays a critical role in modern IT. As app development and deployment practices change, orgs will seek pros with hands-on experience -- and the skills to show for it. Read More

SQL Server vs. MySQL: Learn the differences

09 May 2019

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases have their pros and cons. Weigh the differences between SQL Server and MySQL features, costs, functionality and more. Read More

Can Oracle substantiate its cloud bluster?

25 Sep 2019

Larry Ellison talks aggressively about having more datacentres than AWS and how Oracle’s cloud sales are growing – but it may have to provide legal proof Read More

Microsoft Inspire sets FY 2020 agenda for partners

15 Jul 2019

Microsoft channel partners can expect to see the software company emphasize security, Azure migration, Teams collaboration and PowerApps, among other areas, during FY 2020. Read More

October Patch Tuesday resolves 59 vulnerabilities

09 Oct 2019

Microsoft attempts to stamp out printing issues that originated from a faulty out-of-band patch for an Internet Explorer zero-day. Read More