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Secure VMware environments with these tools and tips

By Allyson Larcom 18 Oct 2019

VMware security relies on products such as AppDefense and NSX, as well as the vigilance of admins. Certain acquisitions bring additional security measures into play. Read More

To secure DevOps, break culture and tooling barriers

By Sharon Shea 07 Oct 2019

The importance of secure DevOps initiatives can't be denied, but building security into DevOps isn't easy. Explore what needs to change and how those changes can be achieved. Read More

Compare native vs. third-party security tools for Windows 10

By John Powers 28 Oct 2019

IT professionals should learn the fundamental differences in feature sets between third-party security tools for Windows 10 and the native options Microsoft provides. Read More

Master DevOps security with the right team setup and tools

By Kristin Knapp 24 Oct 2019

Before implementing a DevSecOps strategy, software developers, security engineers and IT ops pros need a firm grasp on their unique roles in the process. Read More

Network traffic analysis tools secure a new, crucial role

By Terry Slattery 20 Aug 2019

Gartner just produced its first-ever guide to network traffic analytics security tools. Learn how the analysis of network traffic is broadening to include network security. Read More

What holistic network security tools offer an organization

By Mary K. Pratt 19 Jun 2019

Tools that provide a holistic approach to monitoring the IT infrastructure come in a variety of configurations and delivery models. Learn what's available. Read More

Why CASB tools are crucial to your cloud security

By Kevin Tolly 05 Sep 2019

CASB tools have gained traction as cloud security becomes more important. Among other features, a cloud security access broker helps companies pinpoint shadow IT. Read More

New network traffic analysis tools focus on security

By Peter Loshin 20 Aug 2019

Companies have used traffic data analytics to improve bandwidth and network performance. Now, though, a new class of tools taps network data to improve security. Read More

Endpoint security tools get an essential upgrade

By Brien Posey 17 May 2019

Malware, APTs and other threats are getting smarter, but so are endpoint detection and response products. Learn what the latest versions can do to keep threats away. Read More

Kubernetes security tool gives IT a leg up on DevSecOps

By Beth Pariseau 02 Jul 2019

An emerging real estate firm tasked with DevSecOps sought an assist from startup Alcide, which bakes Kubernetes security best practices into its software. Read More