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Genband, Sonus merge to become Ribbon Communications

30 Oct 2017

After finalizing a merger, Genband and Sonus will become Ribbon Communications. The combined company will focus on security and real-time communication tools. Read More

The top enterprise mobile security systems to have in place

17 Jul 2017

There's more to enterprise mobile security than just mobile device management. Today, IT has more security tools at its disposal, from identity management to analytics. Read More

Smart strategies for application monitoring in the cloud

20 Aug 2019

Are your cloud applications secure? Do they satisfy your performance expectations? Do they cost you too much? Application monitoring is vital to cloud success. Read More

Get smart about threat intel tools and services

28 Mar 2017

Threat intelligence tools are a phenomenal addition to your security posture; they just can't be your security posture. Learn where they fit into your security Read More

How emerging threat intelligence tools affect network security

02 Feb 2015

Up and coming threat intelligence tools aim to improve data security and even standardize threat intelligence across the industry. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how. Read More

Next-generation tools for next-generation network security

11 Aug 2014

The next-generation network -- one that must encompass the cloud, mobility and Internet of Things devices -- requires a different standard of network monitoring tools. Learn about new and improved tools that ... Read More

Five critical tests for cloud application performance, security

17 May 2018

To keep end users happy, dev teams should regularly test the performance and security of cloud-hosted applications. Tools from cloud providers and third-party vendors can help. Read More

Most security pros still concerned about public cloud security

17 Jul 2019

Despite accelerated adoption of public cloud services by companies keen to benefit from increased efficiency, scalability and agility, most security professionals have reservations Read More

User behavioral analytics tools can thwart security attacks

18 May 2015

This guide to user behavioral analytics tools helps InfoSec pros determine what features they should consider before making a purchase and reviews both deployment strategies and reasonable performance expectations. Read More

What SIEM features are essential for your company?

28 Sep 2017

On the hunt for the best SIEM tool for your company? Learn how to evaluate the capabilties of the newest security information and event management products. Read More