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Use the right DevSecOps tools for more secure development

15 Mar 2018

Making applications safer requires more than just new tools; it also requires a cultural shift. DevSecOps is an effort to shift security left. Here's how to get started. Read More

Coda launches next version of project management app

28 Oct 2019

Coda 2.0 includes updates to design, a smoother performance, more organizational tools and new features to secure documents, such as locking and permissions. Read More

Assess low-code platform pros and cons

26 Nov 2019

Some see low-code platforms as intuitive and time-saving, but security and compliance concerns could negate those benefits. See where low-code tools stand with these pros and cons. Read More

How mobile threat defense tools can help mobile admins

10 Jun 2019

Mobile threat defense tools can significantly improve an organization's mobile security. Learn how these tools are different, what they can do and the market's leading vendors. Read More

Choosing the right network security tool for the job

08 Nov 2017

Selecting a network security product can be simplified once you understand your business goals and match them to the features offered by the leading network security vendors. Read More

Use modern cloud security best practices

22 Aug 2019

Enterprises still worry about the security of cloud and if migrating will put data at risk. Explore modern methods, technologies and tools that help strengthen cloud environments. Read More

How to beef up S3 bucket security to prevent a breach

07 Oct 2019

Security teams have plenty of tools at their disposal to help their organizations achieve and maintain S3 bucket security. Learn about the threats and best practices to stay safe. Read More

5 DevSecOps interview questions employers are likely to ask

01 Jul 2019

To land that DevSecOps dream job, prepare to answer questions not only about specific IT and security tools, but about DevOps team culture as a whole. Read More

Slack Enterprise Grid adds security, compliance tools

12 Apr 2018

More than 150 large companies are already using Slack Enterprise Grid. The vendor views scalability and security as key to winning more customers for its premium product. Read More

How to evaluate CASB tools for multi-cloud deployments

02 Dec 2019

When it comes to evaluating CASB tools, it's essential to be an informed customer. Identify your organization's usage and security goals to get the context you need before you buy. Read More