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Security Think Tank: How to tool up to catch evasive malware comms

06 Dec 2018

As attackers begin to use multiple command and control systems to communicate with backdoors and other malware, how can organisations ensure that they detect such methods and that all C&C systems are removed, ... Read More

New application security risks lead IT teams to DevSecOps

17 Sep 2019

Once a bleeding-edge concept, DevSecOps has gone mainstream following high-profile security breaches that proved simply installing automated security tools doesn't go far enough. Read More

2FA bypass tool highlights top business security vulnerabilities

09 Jan 2019

CEOs are the most likely target of two-factor authentication phishing bypasses, demonstrated by a security researcher’s proof-of-concept attack Read More

Enterprises challenged with security basics

20 Jun 2019

Visibility, security tool overload and manual reporting are cited as top concerns by UK security leaders, a report reveals Read More

CW ASEAN: Trend Watch – Security

18 Jul 2019

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organizations and cyber criminals alike. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber ... Read More

Forcepoint Web Security offering reaches for the edge

22 Oct 2019

Forcepoint has delivered a web-based security tool leveraging elastic cloud gateway technology that allows admins to access content from any remote location. Read More

Endpoint security tool fueled OpenText's Guidance Software acquisition

13 Jul 2018

Endpoint security was the primary draw for OpenText's Guidance Software acquisition. But plans to improve e-discovery and data forensics with Magellan AI are part of the roadmap. Read More

Bugcrowd launches Attack Surface Management platform

22 Oct 2019

The new platform provides an extra layer of testing by sending its findings to Bugcrowd's crowdsourced security testing tools. Read More

AWS security tools fill platform gaps

05 Apr 2018

AWS added more features to secure data on its platform, including private certificates, a managed service for secrets and a hub for policies regardless of where applications run. Read More

Enlist AWS IoT security tools to defend your network

22 Aug 2018

The internet of things offers great promise but introduces some unique risks. Research common vulnerabilities and follow best practices to secure your AWS IoT deployment. Read More