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Enlist AWS IoT security tools to defend your network

22 Aug 2018

The internet of things offers great promise but introduces some unique risks. Research common vulnerabilities and follow best practices to secure your AWS IoT deployment. Read More

Atlassian CISO Adrian Ludwig shares DevOps security outlook

01 Nov 2019

Atlassian's CISO believes that eventually, application security mechanisms will be absorbed completely into Agile and DevOps tools -- including his own company's products. Read More

When should I use breach and attack simulation tools?

26 Sep 2019

Thanks to automation and other features, breach and attack simulation tools are an effective way to help network administrators keep their operations secure. Read More

URL filtering brings additional Office 365 protection

26 Nov 2019

Ransomware attacks evolve to evade Office 365's integrated protection systems. A third-party security tool can help shore up your defenses. Read More

Machine learning tools ease cloud security, log management

12 Oct 2018

Machine learning has increasingly found a home in enterprise cloud management teams, but the technology is still far from being a magic fix for complex tasks, such as multi-cloud cost optimization. Read More

Cisco unveils business transformation suite for hyper-connected enterprise

28 Jan 2020

New tools claimed to help businesses push their boundaries by reimagining their applications, empowering their teams, securing their data and transforming their infrastructure Read More

New application security risks lead IT teams to DevSecOps

17 Sep 2019

Once a bleeding-edge concept, DevSecOps has gone mainstream following high-profile security breaches that proved simply installing automated security tools doesn't go far enough. Read More

CW ASEAN: Trend Watch – Security

18 Jul 2019

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organizations and cyber criminals alike. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber ... Read More

Gartner: What to consider before adopting low-code development

25 Nov 2019

Low-code tooling offers many benefits but cost, security, product selection and application should be carefully considered Read More

How can I secure my remote server management tools?

17 Sep 2018

If you monitor a lot of servers, it's important to make sure the tools you use to remotely manage them are secure. Encryption and password best practices can help. Read More