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Tools for those seeking security for apps in the enterprise

27 Nov 2017

Need better security for apps? The right tools are key, but the right approach just as important. That's why you should consider the quality management system model. Read More

Forcepoint Web Security offering reaches for the edge

22 Oct 2019

Forcepoint has delivered a web-based security tool leveraging elastic cloud gateway technology that allows admins to access content from any remote location. Read More

How the BloodHound tool can improve Active Directory security

01 May 2018

Auditing Active Directory can be made easier with tools like the open source BloodHound tool. Expert Joe Granneman looks at the different functions of the tool and how it can help. Read More

Cloud-based email security tools barricade entry to Exchange

05 Apr 2018

The pressure is on Exchange administrators to avoid a ransomware outbreak that cripples the on-premises email system. Cloud-based security tools can help blunt trending attacks. Read More

Security for applications: What tools and principles work?

27 Nov 2017

Better app security requires both designing security in and protecting it from without. Learn how to work it from both angles and what tools you'll need for the job. Read More

Ryuk ransomware change breaks decryption tool

10 Dec 2019

The threat actors behind Ryuk ransomware made changes to their code that have made the official decryption tool unreliable, according to security researchers. Read More

Friday Notebook, July 19: Microsoft Inspire 2019; frontline employees

19 Jul 2019

Also: deviceTRUST; mobile security; blogging tools; MobileIron; and more. Read More

3 key questions to ask about unified communications security

10 Sep 2019

Unified communications security can be tricky. Learn how to craft a strategy that addresses security challenges and the requirements of individual UC tools. Read More

Use the right DevSecOps tools for more secure development

15 Mar 2018

Making applications safer requires more than just new tools; it also requires a cultural shift. DevSecOps is an effort to shift security left. Here's how to get started. Read More

Implement a DevSecOps pipeline to boost releases' security posture

30 Sep 2019

Break security out of its silo, and get the whole team on board to create a culture of quality with the right tools at the right time -- and stop blindly rushing to release. Read More