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SafeBreach launches new platform to prioritize, mitigate security gaps

01 Aug 2019

SafeBreach has launched SafeBreach GRID, a breach and attack simulation application that helps security teams decide which security gaps to address first. Read More

Why do enterprises need employee security awareness training?

08 Apr 2019

With human error as the leading cause of breaches and security incidents within the enterprise, organizations should offer employees mandatory security awareness training with regular refreshers. Read More

AI is moving towards acceptance in cyber security, says Check Point

24 Jan 2018

Artificial intelligence is well on its way to being a useful tool in the cyber security professional’s kit, but according to Check Point, there are still big challenges to overcome Read More

How can I detect fileless malware attacks?

21 Mar 2019

Monitoring process memory is one way to combat fileless malware attacks. Here's what you can do to protect your network against these campaigns. Read More

Why user identity management is a security essential

25 Jun 2019

Who's on your network and accessing your data? IT security teams must be able to answer these questions. A strong identity management strategy will help. Read More

IBM SoftLayer vs. AWS cloud security: Choose your tools wisely

05 Feb 2015

IBM and AWS both offer solid cloud security services, but true security is in the user's hands, with many third-party products to choose from. Read More

Are consumer-targeted mobile security tools the future of BYOD?

06 Aug 2013

A new tool puts mobile security in the hands of the consumer. With the increased focus on BYOD, are there also enterprise mobile security benefits? Read More

Latest Lorca cyber security challenge has IoT focus

24 Sep 2019

Government-backed cyber security innovation centre Lorca has issued new challenges around connectivity for its next intake of scaleups Read More

Cloud-based remote access: Scenarios for success

29 Aug 2017

The scenarios for installing cloud-based remote access are evolving as vendors bring to market new tools to aid both accessibility and security. Read More

TrickBot Trojan switches to stealthy Ostap downloader

04 Sep 2019

Operators of the TrickBot banking Trojan have switched to a new downloader to evade detection and analysis for a high-volume malicious spam campaign targeting business, researchers warn Read More