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CEO on collaboration tool security, insider threats, skills gap

08 Aug 2019

Michael Coates, CEO and co-founder of cloud collaboration security platform Altitude Networks, speaks to industry trends and his transition from CISO to CEO. Read More

CASB tools evolve to meet broader set of cloud security needs

26 Jul 2019

When choosing a CASB, enterprises face two primary options: a stand-alone service from a third party or a bundled tool set from some of the large cloud providers. It's important to pick your flavor wisely. Read More

How EDR tools can improve endpoint security

25 Mar 2019

IT should be constantly re-evaluating security tool choices. Endpoint detection and response tools, for example, can be a good option to improve endpoint security. Read More

12 essential features of advanced endpoint security tools

10 Apr 2019

In addition to protecting an organization's endpoints from threats, IT administrators can use endpoint security products to monitor operation functions and data backup strategies. Read More

Assess endpoint security tools to fulfill organizational needs

05 Apr 2019

Learn about the evolution of endpoint security tools, and how to procure and buy the right antimalware protection products for your organization. Read More

What tools can reinforce network edge security?

22 Mar 2019

Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and cloud-based threat intelligence are just a few of the many ways that organizations can bolster network edge security. Read More

Computer vision tools reach into test, healthcare, security

22 May 2019

Gaining a reputation as a viable technology in niche applications like X-ray scans, fingerprint matching and robotics, computer vision looks to mainstream, commodified apps. Read More

Container security tools turn heads with expansion to hosts

05 Mar 2019

Vendors that sell container security tools now face off against traditional security tool providers, as both vie for the attention of IT pros who look to fortify their cloud-native infrastructure. Read More

The 8 key ways to assess healthcare data security tools

17 Apr 2019

Find the most effective cybersecurity tools to protect healthcare systems and data by looking at these eight key features and what major vendors offer for these features. Read More