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Western Union cloud security tool doubles as business enabler

10 Sep 2014

Problem/solution As director of information security at Western Union, in charge of emerging technology and cloud security, David Levin has a deep appreciation of the risks attendant to cloud ... Read More

Latest iOS vulnerability puts mobile security in the spotlight

12 Sep 2019

In this Q&A, sort through all the confusion regarding Google Project Zero's report on a major iOS vulnerability and determine how it should change your security policies. Read More

Let’s talk gadgets! (As EUC folks, it’s part of our jobs.)

26 Oct 2017

The next hot gadget could be the next essential enterprise tool, security concern, or a non-event. Read More

CIOs beef up security tools in wake of 2014 data breaches

14 Jan 2015

What's different about security strategies in the aftermath of the 2014 data breaches? More money, more monitoring, more employee training, and that's just for starters. Read More

Authentication out of the box: Built-in tools 'ease' Hadoop security

01 Aug 2014

Many Hadoop variants offer fully integrated Kerberos, with facilities to improve setup and link to your existing identity repository. Read More

CISOs think cloud safer, but security fears remain

03 Sep 2019

The majority of information security leaders think cloud is now safer than on-premise, but security fears remain, with recently breached and highly regulated organisations most concerned, poll reveals Read More

Large firms look to zero-trust security to reduce cyber risk

10 Jun 2019

In the face of increasing cyber breach risk as organisations move to hybrid multi-cloud IT environments, just over half of large firms in Europe are planning a zero-trust approach to security Read More

Choosing the best email security tools for your business

26 Feb 2014

Once you've decided to look at third-party security tools, you'll have to decide between on-premises or cloud-based options. Read More

Automating IoT security requires 20/20 vision

09 Aug 2019

Even though IoT security does not have the same standards as other IT technology, organizations need to prioritize bringing all IoT endpoints under a corporate security policy, Lumeta's Reggie Best ... Read More

Security Think Tank: Using audit reports as a communications tool

13 Apr 2015

What is the role of information security professionals in handling uncomfortable truths about data security from internal auditors? Read More