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Are next-generation firewalls critical enterprise security tools?

05 Sep 2014

Marketing hype calls next-generation firewalls a must-have enterprise security tool, but the truth is, not every organization needs one. Get help evaluating your enterprise NGFW needs. Read More

Ensure cloud migration security with these tips

13 Aug 2019

Security is always a concern in the data center, as well as in cloud -- but what about during a migration? Learn how to protect sensitive data both in transit and before it goes live. Read More

Database protection methods expand to shield data from attackers

07 Aug 2017

Database vendors have beefed up the security tools in their software -- and that's a good thing because attackers are increasingly targeting database systems to steal sensitive data. Read More

Palo Alto Networks buys Twistlock, PureSec for container security

31 May 2019

Palo Alto Networks snaps up Twistlock and PureSec to broaden its cloud security portfolio and give enterprise IT shops more options for container and serverless security. Read More

CSO: System logging a vital computer security tool

30 May 2014

Tenable Network Security CSO Marcus Ranum reveals that data-driven intelligence is not as critical as system logging to security strategy. Read More

Upgrading the network? Don't forget the network security tools

29 Aug 2013

Network security tools -- like firewalls-- must be upgraded when moving to a high-speed enterprise network in order to prevent bottlenecks. Read More

Cloud security tools only half the battle against shadow IT

18 Feb 2014

A majority of businesses reported they bypass corporate IT departments to deploy cloud services; what are IT pros to do? Read More

Top three third-party SQL Server security auditing tools

01 Jul 2015

For most companies, SQL Server's security auditing tools aren't always enough to meet regulation requirements. The answer is third-party products. Read More

Securing content and access with smart management techniques

30 Aug 2017

From single sign-on to two-factor authentication, many tools help secure enterprise content. But too much security can be a barrier to access. Read More

WikiLeaks publishes code and analysis of CIA hacking tool

10 Nov 2017

Security experts are questioning the wisdom of WikiLeaks releasing more source code for US intelligence agency hacking tools Read More