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How to use Oracle DBSAT to do a database security assessment

20 Feb 2018

The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool is free software that checks the security of databases. Here are the steps involved in using DBSAT to collect data and create reports. Read More

How emerging threat intelligence tools affect network security

02 Feb 2015

Up and coming threat intelligence tools aim to improve data security and even standardize threat intelligence across the industry. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how. Read More

Managing Windows Defender Device Guard in Windows desktops

22 Jan 2020

IT pros must understand how Windows Defender Device Guard uses a locked-down approach to desktop security and how this method could cause compatibility issues and headaches for IT. Read More

Security standards for healthcare information systems needed

09 Dec 2016

In order to achieve interoperability of security tools and strengthen security, one CIO said that there must be security standards for healthcare information systems. Read More

Pulse Secure VPN vulnerability targeted with ransomware

07 Jan 2020

Threat actors appear to be exploiting vulnerable Pulse Secure VPN servers to hit enterprises with ransomware attacks, even though a patch has been available since April 2019. Read More

Western Union cloud security tool doubles as business enabler

10 Sep 2014

Problem/solution As director of information security at Western Union, in charge of emerging technology and cloud security, David Levin has a deep appreciation of the risks attendant to cloud ... Read More

Ransomware detection and prevention tools you need now

27 Jun 2017

Enterprises should improve their ransomware defense methods by examining the features in existing security tool deployments and deciding if replacements are needed. Read More

User behavioral analytics tools can thwart security attacks

18 May 2015

This guide to user behavioral analytics tools helps InfoSec pros determine what features they should consider before making a purchase and reviews both deployment strategies and reasonable performance expectations. Read More

Evaluate team collaboration tools to increase productivity

21 Feb 2018

Organizations need to consider several factors when buying a team collaboration tool, including deployment options and security features. Read More

Authentication out of the box: Built-in tools 'ease' Hadoop security

01 Aug 2014

Many Hadoop variants offer fully integrated Kerberos, with facilities to improve setup and link to your existing identity repository. Read More