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What's new with desktop virtualization management?

06 Feb 2018

When it comes to VDI management, security and user experience are paramount. IT can use a host of tools, including monitoring, to keep an eye on both areas. Read More

Ensure cloud migration security with these tips

13 Aug 2019

Security is always a concern in the data center, as well as in cloud -- but what about during a migration? Learn how to protect sensitive data both in transit and before it goes live. Read More

Using SANS Securing the Human security awareness tools

10 Jun 2013

Learn how to use tools from the SANS Securing the Human program to boost the effectiveness of an enterprise security awareness program. Read More

Security Readers' Choice Awards 2014: Threat intelligence tools

11 Nov 2014

Readers vote on the best threat intelligence products of 2014. Read More

Advanced security analytics safeguards the enterprise

09 Nov 2016

Advanced security analytics uses information gathered from SIEMs and other security tools to safeguard the enterprise. Learn how advanced analytics works and what's coming next. Read More

Database security products: A buyer's guide

06 Nov 2015

Learn how to evaluate and buy the right database security tools for your organization with this database security tool buyer's guide. Read More

Emerging IoT attack surfaces present attackers with tempting new targets

08 Oct 2019

The spread of IoT devices and data in the data center and cloud of an organization means that attackers have more opportunities to break into its systems. Read More

Security Think Tank: Proceed with caution using IP-based collaboration tools

15 Jun 2015

How can businesses of all sizes ensure that employees are able to collaborate effectively without the risk of compromise to the company IT network or systems? Read More

How desktop virtualization vendors are improving management

06 Feb 2018

IT pros want to see better security and more monitoring capabilities in their virtual desktop management tools. The ultimate goal is a quality user experience, though. Read More

Tactics, tools and teamwork: Effectively managing cloud security

19 May 2014

Managing security in the cloud is a completely new ball game, from dealing with remote storage, to worrying about who has access to your programs and applications. Here we talk with the experts from TrendMicro ... Read More