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Understanding third-party Windows 10 security tools

18 Oct 2018

Third-party security tools provide value and new utilities for Windows 10 desktop administrators. IT should consider non-Microsoft options for patching, firewalls and more. Read More

Security Think Tank: Use SDN, containerisation and encryption tools to boost security

07 Jan 2019

How can organisations combine software defined networking, containerisation and encryption to prevent rogue code from running freely across a corporate network? Read More

Container security tools push multi-cloud closer to reality

15 Nov 2018

Container security tools, such as StackRox and Aqua Security, offer DevOps shops that want multi-cloud portability a centralized way to reduce the risk of complex infrastructures. Read More

AWS security tools embrace AI, but miss on multi-cloud

14 Nov 2018

AWS has added AI-backed services, such as Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon Macie, to expand its security capabilities, but still hasn't addressed users' needs outside of its own platform. Read More

Set AWS security automation in motion with these practices

13 Sep 2019

Enterprises need to continuously improve their cloud security posture. Catch up on the latest expert advice on AWS security tools and practices. Read More

AI-enhanced security tools necessary for today’s threats

14 Nov 2018

Machine learning-enhanced tools are necessary to keep up with current threats, but are not perfect and will not solve the security skills gap problem, says KuppingerCole Read More

How can a security automation tool help mitigate unknown threats?

25 Jan 2019

Security automation tools help ease the deluge of alerts security teams receive, according to IEEE member Kayne McGladrey, letting them focus on more interesting aspects of IT security. Read More

Choose security tools wisely to gain upper hand

24 Oct 2018

The cyber threat landscape is continually changing, but staying abreast of attacker and defender innovation can help business leaders gain the upper hand, says KuppingerCole Read More

DevOps security checklist requires proper integration

16 Aug 2019

There are a lot of moving parts to adding security into a DevOps environment. Using application testing DevOps security tools are key to the equation. Read More

When should I use breach and attack simulation tools?

26 Sep 2019

Thanks to automation and other features, breach and attack simulation tools are an effective way to help network administrators keep their operations secure. Read More