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How DevOps tools can be used to integrate cloud automation

17 May 2017

DevOps tools can be used to deploy secure cloud automation. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at how this works and which tools are the best bet for DevSecOps. Read More

Mobile collaboration tools promise secure remote access to content

29 Aug 2014

In this content management news roundup, vendors offer options for secure access to content from mobile devices, and OpenText updates its document management platform for the legal industry. Read More

VMware security portfolio grows as security market evolves

30 Sep 2019

The constant evolution of enterprise security presents challenges that VMware hopes to meet as it develops its security portfolio. Read More

Microsoft's EMET security tool useful despite bypasses, say experts

04 Mar 2014

Experts say Microsoft's EMET security tool remains valuable to enterprise security teams if used as one layer in a larger security strategy. Read More

Another Intel ME Security Flaw Discovered

22 Nov 2017

As details surrounding another Intel ME security flaw discovered emerge, it's time to grab a detection tool. If you're affected a BIOS fix is needed. Read More

What AWS users can learn from the Capital One breach

27 Sep 2019

Don't want to be on the nightly news? Protect sensitive data with cloud security best practices gleaned from what Capital One did wrong -- and what it got right -- during the breach. Read More

A look at serverless applications and how to secure them

30 Aug 2017

Serverless applications can be powerful tools, but they also require specific security tactics. Expert Ed Moyle explains how these applications work and how they can be secured. Read More

IT security monitoring at golf club lets IT ops play through

21 Mar 2019

ClubCorp took stock of its IT security strategy last year, which led to freedom from grunt work and renewed focus for the IT ops team. Read More

Leading companies adopt new security tools

01 Feb 2013

The actual number of cyber attacks on businesses is probably five times greater than the number being reported, says RSA Read More

Prepare for the final exam on Windows 10 hidden features

31 Jan 2017

With all the features in Windows 10 it's easy to lose track of a few. Test your knowledge of these overlooked features, including a virtualization-based security tool. Read More