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Prepare for the final exam on Windows 10 hidden features

31 Jan 2017

With all the features in Windows 10 it's easy to lose track of a few. Test your knowledge of these overlooked features, including a virtualization-based security tool. Read More

IBM SoftLayer vs. AWS cloud security: Choose your tools wisely

05 Feb 2015

IBM and AWS both offer solid cloud security services, but true security is in the user's hands, with many third-party products to choose from. Read More

Another Intel ME Security Flaw Discovered

22 Nov 2017

As details surrounding another Intel ME security flaw discovered emerge, it's time to grab a detection tool. If you're affected a BIOS fix is needed. Read More

A look at serverless applications and how to secure them

30 Aug 2017

Serverless applications can be powerful tools, but they also require specific security tactics. Expert Ed Moyle explains how these applications work and how they can be secured. Read More

Understand top public cloud repatriation use cases

18 Nov 2019

Cloud technology can pose billing, management and compliance issues. Here are five reasons why repatriating cloud workloads back on premises might be a better option. Read More

Health IT should remain vigilant after WannaCry ransomware attack

29 Jun 2017

While U.S. hospitals were relatively unscathed by the WannaCry ransomware attack, healthcare organizations would be wise to review and update their security tools and practices. Read More

UC security: Your UC tools are not exempt from Heartbleed

07 May 2014

Many UC products were affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability, which is bringing more attention to the importance of UC security. Read More

Microsoft Ignite 2019 security takeaways: Roadmap, MFA, Secure Score, and more

05 Nov 2019

Microsoft dropped an incredible amount of news, so I’m taking a look at some of the security news that interested me. Read More

Top APAC security predictions for 2020

28 Nov 2019

More attacks on critical infrastructure, supply chain vulnerabilities and file-less attacks are some of the security threats that enterprises should keep an eye on next year Read More

End-to-end messaging encryption gives customers key controls

23 Jun 2017

As enterprises adopt team chat applications, IT leaders should examine security tools. End-to-end encryption, for example, can provide key access to messaging servers. Read More