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Ensure cloud migration security with these tips

13 Aug 2019

Security is always a concern in the data center, as well as in cloud -- but what about during a migration? Learn how to protect sensitive data both in transit and before it goes live. Read More

What new technique does the Osiris banking Trojan use?

20 Feb 2019

A new Kronos banking Trojan variant was found to use process impersonation to bypass defenses. Learn what this evasion technique is and the threat it poses with Nick Lewis. Read More

MSP ransomware attack exploits privileged users' credentials

27 Sep 2019

WatchGuard Technologies said recent MSP ransomware attacks revealed that hackers have detailed knowledge of managed service providers' internal operations and technologies. Read More

PowerShell automation helps MSPs, but with some caveats

26 Nov 2019

PowerShell scripting can help MSPs automate mundane and time-consuming chores, but service providers need to test their scripts and look to security first. Read More

Is macOS Catalina stable enough for enterprise use?

05 Dec 2019

Apple released macOS Catalina in October 2019, but it has some issues. Here are some factors to consider before deciding to implement the OS in an organization. Read More

The ins and outs of VMware security products and features

19 Jun 2019

Application control, anomaly detection and VM encryption are some of the ways VMware incorporates security in products such as NSX, AppDefense, vSAN, vSphere and ESXi. Read More

AI is moving towards acceptance in cyber security, says Check Point

24 Jan 2018

Artificial intelligence is well on its way to being a useful tool in the cyber security professional’s kit, but according to Check Point, there are still big challenges to overcome Read More

Cloud-based remote access: Scenarios for success

29 Aug 2017

The scenarios for installing cloud-based remote access are evolving as vendors bring to market new tools to aid both accessibility and security. Read More

Working with mobile application security management tools

30 Apr 2013

Security is crucial for all applications, but mobile apps require software teams to take measures above and beyond those required for Web apps. From simple things like preventing mobile apps from storing passwords,... Read More

Designing network security architecture: New trends, tools, techniques

25 Mar 2014

Signature-based threat detection is losing effectiveness. Learn the latest methods to protect your network architecture from sophisticated attacks. Read More