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Buy the right UEM system to oversee all endpoints

05 Sep 2019

Explore UEM tools and how they can both secure endpoints and keep them working effectively in this fast-paced, global economy. Read More

AI drives unified endpoint management benefits beyond limits

30 Sep 2019

With a big boost from artificial intelligence, UEM tools sharpen applications in security, identity management, app monitoring, dynamic profiles, onboarding and self-help. Read More

Managed security services make progress in SMB sector

23 Jul 2019

Providing managed security services to small and medium-sized businesses has never been easier, but gaps in cybersecurity tools and customer education remain as challenges. Read More

Security for applications: What tools and principles work?

27 Nov 2017

Better app security requires both designing security in and protecting it from without. Learn how to work it from both angles and what tools you'll need for the job. Read More

Box Shield adds tighter controls for content sharing

22 Aug 2019

New Box security features enable file- and folder-level access control, while admins and security staff get machine-learning tools to discover and investigate anomalous activity. Read More

Use the right DevSecOps tools for more secure development

15 Mar 2018

Making applications safer requires more than just new tools; it also requires a cultural shift. DevSecOps is an effort to shift security left. Here's how to get started. Read More

What identity governance tools can do for your organization

25 Jun 2019

Learn how to evaluate available security tools that manage the governance of your users' identity and access to company systems and data. Read More

AI sharpens unified endpoint management tools and apps

30 Sep 2019

Endpoint management is never simple, but AI can help. In this handbook, learn how AI in UEM tools can significantly improve device security and management. Read More

Oracle CDP moves beyond marketing data

18 Sep 2019

As digital advertising and marketing leaders dig in on the importance of the CDP, others aren't so sure they need yet another tool to support and secure customer data. Read More

Cybersecurity for healthcare more critical than ever before

26 Mar 2019

Cyberattacks can be devastating for healthcare organizations. Traditional security tools alone no longer cut it, so health companies must turn to newer tools for protection. Read More