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How To Identify Compromised Devices With Certainty

sponsored by HelpSystems Published: 19 Jul 2019 White Paper

It is important for organizations to protect their devices from any threats. However, many security tools can't identify which alerts are important. In this white paper, learn how to avoid serious damage by ...

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Cloud Security Gateways, Q1 2019

sponsored by McAfee, Inc. Published: 20 Feb 2019 Analyst Report

Protecting cloud applications from data loss or theft, privacy abuses, and other risks is challenging. In the evolving market for cloud security gateways (CSGs), enterprises want to monitor and secure all their ...

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TITUS Changes Tack, Places Big Bet on Machine-Learning-Based Classification

sponsored by TITUS Published: 09 Nov 2018 Analyst Report

One of the primary reasons data security is less adopted than other security areas is that it can be complex, and often places a burden on users in terms of changes to workflows. In this white paper, learn how ...

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Blue Prism Transforms Security from Reactive to Proactive with Veracode

sponsored by Veracode, Inc. Published: 20 May 2019 Case Study

Establishing trust in your product's security is just as important as its overall quality in the eye of the user -- a fact almost all developers are familiar with. That's why many development teams are making a ...

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Top 6 API Security Needs for Serverless Apps

sponsored by Data Theorem Published: 08 Apr 2019 White Paper

The growth in serverless apps is going to accelerate because the cost and time benefits for developers are overwhelmingly positive. However, the 6 areas in this white paper highlight the need for a new approach to ...

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Secure Software Development in the Financial Services Industry

sponsored by GitHub Published: 28 Sep 2018 Resource

Find out how financial service institutions (FSIs) can meet strict security regulations and create a culture of truly secure software development to deliver the best possible products while safeguarding customer ...

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CW ASEAN: Trend Watch – Security

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 18 Jul 2019 Ezine

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organizations and cyber criminals alike. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber ...

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Securing Your Open Source Software Applications

sponsored by Contrast Security Published: 25 Jul 2019 White Paper

Open source brings accelerated development lifecycles and faster time to market, but it leaves application vulnerable making them a prime target for cyber threats. Read this whitepaper, which explores the benefits ...

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20 Docker Security Tools Compared

sponsored by Sysdig Published: 28 Mar 2019 White Paper

In this report, discover 20 container and Docker specific security tools from organizations like CoreOS, StackRox, Sysdig, and more.

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Digital Transformation, Devops, and Security

sponsored by Contrast Security Published: 25 Jul 2019 White Paper

Customer demands have driven the digital transformation era, forcing businesses to adapt with new software that become exposed security targets. Review this whitepaper to explore how by having a security strategy ...

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