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(ISC)² invests in professional development of security workforce

By Warwick Ashford 15 Feb 2019

Security industry association sets up Professional Development Institute to extend training offerings beyond certification Read More

Strong security can unleash the promise of the industrial internet of things

By Dan Timpson 20 Feb 2019

Industrial IoT is set to make a worldwide economic impact. However, without strong security, IIoT efforts are for naught. DigiCert's Dan Timpson explains why PKI and digital certificates are key to ... Read More

Industries seek to improve third-party security risk controls

By Kathleen Richards 02 Oct 2018

Healthcare security leaders are developing industry best practices for better third-party risk management using common assessment and certification standards. Read More

Google Chrome helps clean up certificate authority industry

By Warwick Ashford 01 May 2018

The security industry has welcomed the introduction of measures by the Google Chrome browser aimed at achieving certificate transparency Read More

Industry bodies launch security certification to boost confidence in cloud

By Archana Venkatraman 25 Sep 2013

BSI and Cloud Security Alliance together launch Star certification to assess security of cloud providers Read More

Jason Soroko


Jason Soroko is CTO of IoT at Sectigo.Read More

Singapore can now certify security products based on Common Criteria

By Aaron Tan 05 Mar 2019

The city-state is has attained the status of a Certificate Authorising Nation, enabling it to evaluate and certify security products under the Common Criteria standard Read More

Today's PKI is purpose-built and ready for IoT

By Jason Soroko 09 Apr 2019

Many attacks on IoT environments take advantage of weak authentication and encryption. Sectigo's Jason Soroko explains why PKI is integral in creating a chain of trust that is extremely difficult ... Read More

7 cloud computing job roles to advance your career

By Sara Grier 17 Apr 2019

The cloud rapidly evolves, so cloud jobs must adapt accordingly. Job openings are going fast, so review these positions and their qualifications to plan your next move. Read More

IT complexity raises concerns of certificate-related outages

By Warwick Ashford 26 Mar 2019

Company executives are concerned that increased IT complexity will result in more security certificate-related outages, with nearly two-thirds of organisations affected in the past year Read More