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Creating and Managing Virtual Hard Disks

sponsored by SearchServerVirtualization Published: 16 Apr 2007 Webcast

This on-demand demonstration of products, techniques and processes, features independent virtualization expert Anil Desai presenting a synchronized fluid screen capture of his desktop as he introduces IT pros to ...

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Take a Load Off, Admin

sponsored by SearchServerVirtualization Published: 23 Jun 2015 eBook

In this guide, find out specific goals and key processes to address before implementing an automated server virtualization platform. Access now to learn about the benefits of automation in 3 main areas: compliance,...

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The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Sprawl

sponsored by SearchServerVirtualization Published: 04 Mar 2016 eBook

In this 3-part guide, learn about the ongoing battle against virtual machine sprawl and measures that can be taken when you've found an abandoned VM in your system. Access now to also learn about available ...

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Trends in Server Virtualization

sponsored by arcserve Published: 06 Jul 2016 White Paper

While virtualization has its benefits such as reduced capital expenditure and operating expenses, it has downsides including server sprawl and risk of single point failure. So is virtualization really worth the ...

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Virtualizing your Exchange Server: Fact vs. fiction

sponsored by SearchDataCenter.com Published: 14 Dec 2011 eBook

Find out what's fact and what's fiction about virtualizing your Exchange Server. What steps should you take, and how can you ensure success? Explore all these questions and more in this e-book.

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The Ultimate Guide for Virtual Server Protection

sponsored by Commvault Published: 07 Apr 2016 White Paper

Are you staying ahead of the next wave of consolidation? Learn 4 questions to ask about virtual server data protection.

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Five Fundamentals of Virtual Server Protection

sponsored by Commvault Published: 01 Jul 2015 White Paper

Virtual server deployments have consequences on data storage. Find out how experts are rethinking data protection.

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Examining Storage Built for Virtual Servers

sponsored by SearchConvergedInfrastucture Published: 06 Mar 2015 eBook

Access this guide to learn what products classify as VM-aware storage, how they're implemented in virtual environments and what benefits they can bring to storage and virtualization administrators.

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Presenting the Upsides and Downsides of Server Virtualization to Management

sponsored by SearchDataCenter.com Published: 25 Jul 2012 eBook

Convincing top management of the benefits of server virtualization is crucial to the success of your virtualization project. This e-book breaks down the pros and cons of server virtualization. Access now to ...

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Buyer's Checklist to Purpose-Built Storage for Virtual Servers

sponsored by SearchConvergedInfrastucture Published: 19 Mar 2014 White Paper

In this buyer's checklist, we describe how the performance, scalability, and data protection capabilities of hypervisor-aware storage systems differ from older platforms, as well as explore the 5 categories of ...

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