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Would businesses embrace Google+ as a corporate social network?

By Katherine Finnell 15 Oct 2018

Google plans to shut down its consumer-oriented Google+ social networking service and focus on a corporate social network for enterprise customers. The tech giant made the announcement last week ... Read More

HSBC launches global social network for businesses

By Karl Flinders 06 Jun 2017

HSBC Bank is helping its business customers connect with potential partners through a digital hub Read More

Facebook at Work taps into social networking for businesses

By Luke O'Neill 02 Nov 2015

Despite brand recognition, familiarity and big customer wins, Facebook's business offering faces hurdles in the enterprise social networking market. Read More

Social concept points to an SDN model with two control planes

By Russ White 01 Aug 2018

It might not seem like control planes and SDN models have a lot in common with a social concept, but together, they could highlight how business intent and operations inform network design. Read More

Workplace by Facebook, Amazon Chime and Walmart -- too big to ignore

By Luke O'Neill 21 Nov 2017

A little more than a year ago, Facebook crashed the unified communications party. The largest social network in the world launched Workplace by Facebook, a collaborative platform for business ... Read More

Enterprise social network software: Integrate with business applications

By Gina Narcisi 10 Oct 2013

Enterprises need social network software that can integrate with existing UC and business platforms, according to 'Gartner's Magic Quadrant report. Read More

Business case for enterprise social networks: Better collaboration

By Beth Stackpole 13 Aug 2012

Enterprise social networks are helping organizations make the business case for social media technology by solving a handful of common business problems. Read More

Features fall short in Facebook enterprise social network Workplace

By Antone Gonsalves 12 Oct 2016

Facebook's enterprise social network, Workplace, lacks integration with popular business applications and protections for corporate data. Read More

CPaaS vendors can't ignore email in an omnichannel strategy

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 31 Oct 2019

CPaaS vendors are expanding their omnichannel communications strategy beyond voice and SMS. Email APIs can create tighter integrations with business workflows. Read More

Social networks to become business hubs

By Kathleen Hall 15 Nov 2010

Social networks will become the main form of businesses communication for many employees, according to Gartner.

Some 20% of staff will use social...

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